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Tropical Yoga Retreat in Montezuma, Costa Rica

November 12 - 22, 2016
Rev. Viktoras Kulvinskas, MS., H.H.E., Y.E.S.
Co-Founder of The Hippocrates Health Institute
and Author of the Bestselling Book

 "Survival in the 21st Century"

Bhaskar Goswami
A senior yoga and meditation teacher, Founder of
BODHI & DAANA. He will be guiding us through the yoga
sessions, meditations, nature walks and dialogue circles.

Thrive! Pure Life, an Extraordinary Experience, where spiritual guidance, nutritional wisdom, & holistic health lifestyle, conducted by inspiring facilitators, have joined together to help you thrive!

Holistic Food workshops & Lectures ☯ Yoga & Meditation ♥ Acupuncture & Kinesiology  ☼ Beach  & Nature Walks ☽ Group Dialogues☮

DATE:   NOVEMBER 12-22, 2016



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Hosted by:
The "RawFather" of Living Foods

*Viktoras Kulvinskas*

Participate in the 2015 - 2016 Consciousness Shift
with *Youthing Certification* available

Immerse yourself in a tropical, raw food
yoga retreat with Viktoras Kulvinskas
and family
of friends in beautiful Montezuma, Costa Rica.
With tranquil beaches, energizing surf and magnificent sunsets,
Viktoras Retreats
is an ideal setting for renewal,
transformation and growth.
Come experience the infamous
Montezuma Falls...just an amazing
20 minute jungle walk from our retreat !!

Here's what some recent participants have to 
say about Viktoras Retreats

Surrounded by lush wilderness, this
sub-tropical climate is perfect for the natural
flow of
your Yoga practice, healing, growth and
Rawesome Food Bliss!! The daily schedule
offers lots of options, including lectures,
workshops, demonstrations, guided
meditation practices, sacred raw
foods and a wide variety
of off-site activities
and excursions.
Even surfing !

Daily yoga
All classes are designed for new and
beginning to advanced students and teachers.
Classes are taught to accommodate different
levels of ability and interest.

Moving from Competition to Co-operation Within Society !!
One Love - One Mind Super Bio-Computer...
The Immortalist Child, Youthing and
Pre-natal Origin of Genius...

Thriving instead of Striving !!

::: LOCATION :::

Montezuma , Costa Rica

::: DATE :::
Just check our schedule of retreats to find the
best one for you.

Lodging (options vary),
all raw & organic meals & fresh juices,

Yoga every morning & e-motion in the evening,
lectures, meditation/satsang/circles & MORE !!

Ample free time daily for exploring, adventures, hiking, horseback riding, surfing, ziplines, butterfly garden, waterfall excursions, etc., at client's expense.

airfare, gratuities, airport shuttle, spa
services and private excursions

Year round will
be open for large groups.
(limited to 20 people)
If you have a group
of 5 or more...and are interested in submitting
a request for a time-sensitive retreat...
please contact me... at

Topics that will be covered 
Fueled by Unconditional Love 
  • Kinesiology for Total Knowledge
  • Prayers, Meditation, Vision and Miraculous Life...
  • Sustainability
  • Healing Touch, Hugassage and Quantum Genetics,
  • Breatharianism, Sun-gazing and Yoga Techniques...
  • The Human Energy Matrix
  • Enzymology, Re-Alkalizing, Re-Oxygenating and Re-Mineralizing...
  • Unlimited Potential
  • Soul Travel, Eternal Now and Blissology...
  • Divine Self-Realization
  • Tantric Chakra Harp, Cosmic Enlightenment and
  • Manifesting Abundance...
  • Essene tradition and The Vedas in the New Millennium !!
  • We will cover the Science of Physical Immortality... as well as how the body adapts to stress by way of degenerative diseases...and how to overcome it.
  • Learn about: The Treasures of Fasting, Detoxing and Rebuilding your Astral Body...
  • Simplified Sea Salt based wheatgrass gardening without soil and Super Sprout Salad Production...
  • Fermentation: Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Seed Cheeses, Dehydration...
  • Divine Nutrition simplified for:  Energy, Libido, Beauty and Intelligence...    
Learn practical safe transition into healthier lifestyles based on your level of consciousness. The production of growing and preparing food and the technologies of Touch Healing. We already have it ALL...
and we'll assist you in reclaiming and remembering !!

Optimal Opportunity of Growth Strategies for the present and coming Earth Changes and WE INTEND TO HAVE FUN !!

The singular theme will be...

Check Viktoras' lecture schedule. If you are interested in staying during non-retreat home is open at $100.00
a day per person (dorm style) or $150.00 per
person in the other 2 private rooms.
It includes breakfast and dinner, fresh vegetable juice in the
morning and learn by preparation and
indoor well as yoga, meditation
in the morning and a discussion in the evening.


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